You Know When It’s Time To Go

Meet Jen. Jen lived in the city for ten years. She lived all over the city – west side, east side, uptown, downtown. She even lived in midtown (yikes). By the time Jen was five months pregnant with her first child, she knew it was time for greener pastures. Literally, she wanted the suburbs and that fresh cut grass smell and she wanted it fast. Jen eventually made her way to Westchester, when her love/hate relationship with the city that was once cute in her twenties, turned mostly to hate. Jen is now happier than ever living in the ‘burbs. Don’t be like Jen and find out below if it’s your time to go, (while that city spark is still alive).

Warning: If you can relate to more than half of these, you should probably start your from city to dream house Pinterest board now – and your from city to dream community board in your Lifestyle Organizer!

  1. You visit your friends in the suburbs (with an overnight bag) and invite yourself to move in.     

  2. You actually consider moving in with your parents or in-laws, who reside happily out of the city.     

  3. You frequent the “Which town is best for you and your family?” quiz and you don’t have a family yet.     

  4. You plan every single weekend and free moment you have with activities outside of city limits.     

  5. You open up that job search to 20 miles outside of your current location.           

  6. You live for summer weekends out of the city (and wish they extended to fall, winter, and spring).     

  7. You would rather walk the 20 blocks and 4 avenues to work to avoid another foul odor on the subway.     

  8. You seriously consider moving to one of the no-one-has-ever-heard-of towns featured on “House Hunters” because the cost of living is actually that much cheaper than living in the city.

  9. You know where all of the cool spots are in the city, but you haven’t visited them, since you go to bed when everyone else is going out.     

  10. You have post-traumatic stress disorder from walking in crowds.          

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