Work from home in comfort… in the suburbs!

For many people, one of the major benefits living in the city has over living in the suburbs is being as close as possible to your workplace. But now, with everyone being ordered to shelter in place, this advantage has been turned on its head and suburban living has the upper hand.

Many experts have predicted that the working world will be forever changed once the dust settles and that we can all expect to be working from home much more frequently. Wondering what it might be like to work from home in the suburbs? Here’s a little taste of what working from home in the suburbs is like!


More space.


The most obvious benefit! A more spacious home would afford you the opportunity to have an entire dedicated office space all your own. Picture this: You wake up, walk down to have coffee and some breakfast in your eat-in kitchen with a gorgeous backyard view, before heading to your own private office, just steps away. How’s that for a morning commute?! Got kids? You don’t have to worry about them creeping into every frame of your Zoom call because they can have an entire dedicated space all their own, too! Whether it’s a space for their toys and playing or a space where they can sit and do their distance learning, kids will have plenty of options to spread out, be comfortable, and give you the quiet you need to work.


Live-in help.


Speaking of kids and more space, sometimes all the space in the world isn’t enough to keep the kids from breathing down your neck while you try to work. Sometimes, you need a little help, and in the suburbs you’ll be able to get that help! Many suburban families have live-in nannies and au pairs, making it a very comfortable lifestyle for everybody involved. Nannies and au pairs have meet-up groups, host play dates, take language classes together, and generally have no problem acclimating to life in the suburbs. And the appeal to parents? Having an additional adult in the house to occupy children is a game-changer when it comes to working from home.


Outdoor breaks.


One of the most important things to do to maintain your sanity while working from home is to take breaks. To take a sunshine break in the city, you have to descend your high rise and venture out into the public sphere. You might be close enough to a green space or great coffee shop but chances are, by the time you get there your break will have to come to an end or you’ll get seriously sidetracked. In the suburbs, your outdoor space is all your own. If you want a midday coffee and sunshine fix, you can simply step out onto your front porch, into your front yard, onto your terrace or patio, and take in the scenery! You can go on a walk around your neighborhood, surrounded by green space, or throw a ball around in the backyard with a pet!



Fast Wifi.


You simply cannot work from home these days without fast wifi, and the wifi you can get in the suburbs will always be faster with fewer interruptions. In the suburbs, you don’t have to worry about your neighbor in apartment 3B tapping into your wifi network and slowing yours down or towering buildings getting in the way of signals.

These are just a few of the ways working from home in the suburbs beats working from home in the city. Even after a return to normalcy, it’s reasonable to think that most of us will be working from home more than we did before. Right now is a great time to consider trading a little commute time in the morning for a much more pleasant work-from-home experience!

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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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