What Car Are You? A Guide to Cars in the Suburbs

When you live in the city there are a few superficial indicators that help you judge a book by its cover – someone’s clothes, shoes, bags, etc. But, when you move to the suburbs, a person’s or family’s vehicle is another form of self-expression, and usually a good indicator on who’s behind the wheel.

So, if you’re thinking of making the move out to the suburbs, read below and take the fast lane (or slow lane if you’re behind a Subaru or minivan, am I right?) to finding the car that perfectly suits you and yours.

Keep in mind that whatever car you choose, inevitably, driving in the suburbs means it will become an extension of your closet or kids’ room, you will be forced to become an expert parallel parker (especially if your car has a back-up camera), and you will soon navigate your town’s (and neighboring town’s) back roads and side streets to avoid school drop-off and pick-up traffic.

So, what car are you?

Mid-Size SUV: Number one choice of families. Practical, economic, and reliable. You know, like the person you’ve become since moving to the ‘burbs. If you don’t own one of these, do you even live in the suburbs?

Extra-large SUV: You have so many kids, that you often forget one of them, which results in fast driving and taking up two parking spots in front of schools, in the middle of town, libraries, and/or grocery stores to pick them up.

Sports / Luxury Car: You have no kids, want no kids, or your kids are grown and you plan to live your best life driving around in your Cheerio-free, mud-free, lap of luxury. You are every mid-size SUV’s inspiration.

Electric Car: You love recycling and hate rising gas prices. And you definitely judge Extra-large SUV-loving neighbors.

Minivan: Practicality has officially taken over your life. Eventually you gave into comfort over style, because quiet kids and automatic door openers are just that much better. Consequently, you most likely always have snacks on you, can recite most Disney or Pixar movies that have come out in the past five years, and are an avid and integral member of the community. We thank you for your service.

Sedan: You’re so practical, that I can’t even think of a stereo-type. I imagine you are an up-standing citizen, attempted Gym Yoga, and perhaps have a tiny dog.

Can’t decide? Hate to drive? Don’t fret. There’s still Uber…

To your new beginnings!


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