Westchester County’s Sound Shore vs Rivertowns

Westchester County’s Sound Shore vs Rivertowns

Let’s first start with the demarcation line…let’s use Route 100 or commonly referred to as Central Avenue as it physically cuts right through the County moving traffic North and South. See picture below.

Wikipedia Links to Westchester’s Sound Shore Towns:

Wikipedia Links to Westchester’s Rivertowns Towns:

Housing Stock and Lot Sizes

Sound Shore

  • Houses range in size, price, style and lot size.  There is usually something for everyone.  Often near the villages or train station the lots are smaller but the trade off is walk-ability.
  • If you are comfortable with giving up on walk-ability you can secure larger lot sizes.  Driving distance to train stations is generally well under 10 minutes even at peak times.
  • The topography is mostly flat with slight hills.


  • You get a bit more house and land for your money (per square foot) in the Rivertowns but the tax rate is higher (sometimes significantly) – because in many areas you are a part of Greenburgh which is a much large municipality. (Link to more about Greenburgh)
  • The topography can be quite hilly with significant hills leading down to the river and train stations.  Some neighborhoods and properties have flat yards while others are hilly.

Population Density

Sound Shore 

  • The population is relatively evenly dispersed between communities – with a mix of village and town vibes.  The population of the Sound Shore is larger than the Rivertowns.


  • The population also feels evenly dispersed with a mix of village and town vibes.  Some of the Rivertown communities feel more suburban and even rural-suburban in the neighborhoods that are not walkable to the downtown areas.

Public & Private Amenities

Sound Shore 

  • The Sound Shore as the name implies allows for excellent access to the Long Island Sound.  There are many public and private beaches and parks with access to waterfront and views.  Additionally there are many private golf and pool clubs.  You will very likely find your vibe, public or private.


  • The Rivertowns as the name implies allows allows for excellent access and view to the Hudson River.  There are several public and private access points for sailing and kayaking – as well as parks and restaurants along the riverfront for dining and watching some spectacular sunsets.

Daily Conveniences  

Sound Shore

  • There are more conveniences in the Sound Shore mostly due to the close proximity of the towns and the high population density.


  • There are some award winning restaurants in the Rivertowns but for some conveniences you might need to drive to White Plains or Central Avenue to hit the big box retailers or some of your favorite super markets.


Sound Shore

  • The Sound Shore lifestyle can range from urban, to urban chic, to village but in all instances with the Long Island sound as a backdrop you have a sense of openness.  People enjoy all the elements of the area with an easy commute into NYC.


  • The Rivertowns lifestyle and vibe has been historically a more artsy vibe.  The rolling hills and views of the Hudson River provide a sense of calm and peacefulness.


Sound Shore

  • Commuting to NYC by train can take between 30 and 45 minutes – there are many express trains.  It’s as good as it can be training into Grand Central.
  • Train parking is often difficult to secure.  Many commuters will walk, ride a bike, take a cab or carpool to the train stations.
  • The Drive into NYC without traffic can be 30 minutes.. with traffic during rush hour it can range from 60-90 minutes.


  • Commuting to NYC is quite similar to the Sound Shore 30-45 minutes.
  • Similar issues with the parking and the same options are used – walk, bike, cab or carpool.
  • The Drive into NYC is also quite similar.




Both geographies have highly rated and lower rated schools districts.  We highly recommend reviewing the GreatSchools.org link here to learn more https://www.greatschools.org/

and the Niche.com reviews as well.  https://www.niche.com/k12/search/best-school-districts/c/westchester-county-ny/

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