This or That? Upper West Side & Suburbs of NYC

This or That
Upper West Side

Hey! Where are my Upper Westsiders at?! All you Zabar’s-loving, Central
Park-strolling, walking-in-your-slippers-to-get-a-morning-coffee peeps? I know you’re
out there. You are so lucky to live in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in New
York City. Possibly in the world. The Upper West Side is full of energy, culture and food.
It has local shopping and chains alike. You can’t walk past a bar on a Saturday night
without hearing some live music wafting from inside towards the zoom of the taxi cabs
down Amsterdam Avenue. It has that “Will & Grace” feel of the early 2000’s, with its
fashionable, wide-eyed pretty young business owners, and equally resembles “Seinfeld”
with its veterans. But perhaps more than any other group, the Upper West Side houses

If you are raising a family on the UWS, you might already feel like you live in a
mini suburban neighborhood. The tree-lined blocks all have public schools. There are
condos and brownstones, and many have grassy yards tucked away privately in the
back. Streets are often shut down for block parties in the summertime, and you will
always bump into someone you know when you’re out walking your dog. You can spend
a rainy Saturday at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan or picnic in Central Park while
your kids kick around a soccer ball. You can brunch at Barney Greengrass and grab a
gourmet black-and-white cookie on your way home. So why move, right? Well, what if
you could have all of this, plus a little of that?

The Upper West Side has a fantastic vibe that is replicated in many suburbs of
New York City. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a yard and an amazing public
school, you might still feel confined to a smaller space. Your needs might be changing
as you add another little one to your roost. You might even be thinking far into the future
when you will need to take some of that real estate investment and put it towards
college tuition. Moving to certain towns near NYC allows you to have an incredibly
familiar lifestyle to the one you are living on the Upper West, plus so much more.

Think about Central Park for a moment. You would never expect to see the same
beauty and perfection in a man-made park elsewhere. In Maplewood, New Jersey,
however, Memorial Park was designed by the very same man who designed
Manhattan’s urban playground. It has playing fields and wide open spaces, one of which
annually hosts a massive summer music festival, much like what you might find at
SummerStage. And what about bagels? You aren’t a true New Yorker if you don’t have
an unwavering opinion on the perfect bagel. Although mama of two boys Rachel Muser
says she misses “watching the Zabar’s guys slicing lox which…is an impressive art
form,” Livingston Bagel in her current town has become a staple in her kitchen. If you
can find bagels and lox comparable to Zabar’s, you can find just about anything to
satisfy your needs.

And then there’s culture. Have you ever considered moving out of the city and
been worried about a lack of things to do? Because I was before I moved. In fact, even
after I made the leap, I drove back and forth on the weekends to make sure my kids
didn’t miss out on cool events. It took me a long time to realize that they were actually
missing out on happenings in our new hometown by going back into the city! There are
museums, arboretums, sculpture grounds, and craft fairs to attend no matter where you
live. And just like on the Upper West Side, you will run into your friends everywhere. In
Katonah, New York, for example, there is the nationally recognized and celebrated
Katonah Museum of Art. You can even take a break to have tea, just as you might go to
Alice’s Tea Cup on West 73rd Street after spending a few hours at The American
Museum of Natural History.

While it might be hard to leave your loves on the Upper West Side, it is so
exciting to find parallels on the city’s outskirts. And at the end of the day, you can bring
your tired, well-cultured and deliciously fed kids home to your huge backyard and invite
your new friends over to have wine on your porch. Because chances are, your
neighbors will have arrived at the very same place from their home on the Upper West
Side as well. By trading in just a little bit of this, you can get so much more of that.


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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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