This or That? Upper East Side

This or That?
Upper East Side

Hey! Where my Upper Eastsiders at?! All you 2nd Ave Deli-loving,
Bloomingdale’s-browsing, go-get-a-coffee-in-your-yoga-pants-straight-from-the-gym
peeps? I know you’re out there. You have it all. You exude that chic Manhattan vibe that
so many people dream of having. You are Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York rolled
into one neat package, and you know it. You are surrounded by high rises and
gorgeous townhouses, little neighborhoods tucked into corners, a running path along
the East River. You have your group of friends, and you don’t need to venture out much
further. Let’s not forget how you have access to a new Subway line, and some of the
greatest restaurants and bars in the world. Central Park is at your doorstep, and walking
around The Met is a perfect afternoon activity before grabbing dinner in the little
courtyard at Jones Wood Foundry. I get it. So why move, right? Well, what if you could
have all of this, plus a little of that?

The Upper East Side is slick. Whether they’re wearing jeans pushing a stroller or
heading to work on Wall Street, everyone is going somewhere important. You may have
a group of friends in your building with whom your kids can scooter down the street. You
may share a sitter on Saturday night with them and go out to have adult conversation at
a bar on Lex. You may also feel like you want to sit down and watch the kids scoot
instead of chasing them down the block. Maybe you’ve thought about inviting your
friends over for dinner instead of hitting a local place, but you can’t because the kitchen
shares a wall with the nursery. There are so many towns just outside the city that offer a
familiar feel to your home on the Upper East, plus so much more.

Think about the river for a moment. It is equally as beautiful as Tarrytown Lakes
Trails in Tarrytown, New York. You can still go for your morning run in this space that
offers more quiet than you will find on the side of the FDR! It’s like the perfect
combination of the East River and Central Park with its running path and wide open
spaces. And what about the food? Sushi anyone? If you’re a fan of Tanoshi Sushi Sake
Bar on York, you will flip over Sushi Nanese in White Plains. They even make you feel
like you’re in the city with their “reservation only” policy. There is a refined elegance
about the Upper East Side that is also found in towns in Westchester and Connecticut,
and you sense it in all these places.

If you love the ease of taking a Saturday stroll over to The Metropolitan Museum
of Art, I feel you. There’s something meditative and peaceful about walking through city
neighborhoods with somewhere to go, but not rushing to get there. You think you could
never have that same type of experience outside of Manhattan, right?. Not true! There
are so many places that are walkable or quick drives to downtown areas filled with
culture. When The Brant Foundation Art Study Center held a Basquiat exhibit, you
couldn’t tell from the inside that you were in Greenwich, Connecticut. You can even
have dinner at Mediterraneo, although different from the Mediterraneo on East 66th.
Same name, same vibe, same incredible food.

I remember living on East 78th Street. I loved the ease of jogging to my gym,
stopping for brunch, and buying sunflowers at the corner bodega. I was hip by day and
dapper by night. The Upper East is a sophisticated place to live, and you can take that
sophistication along, no matter where you go. At the end of the day, you can bring your
kids home to the calm and quiet of a suburban world, where everyone has their own
room, and you haven’t left anything behind.

By trading in just a little bit of this, you can get so much more of that.

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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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