This or That? Park Slope Edition

Hey! Where are my Park Slopers at?! All you J.J. Byrne playground-hopping,
run-through-Prospect-Park, pick up at P.S. 321 peeps? I know you’re out there. You are
so rad. You are the epitome of cool. You have the energy of the city at your fingertips,
and you also have the feel of a small neighborhood. Your kids scoot safely down the
sidewalks, and you can walk them to school a few blocks away. You have two weekend
Farmer’s Markets from which to choose. Delicious Thai take-out. Artisan ice cream.
Museums. Parks. Views. Neighbors who have become family. You have it all. So why
move, right? Well, what if you could have all of this, plus a little of that?

Park Slope is super cool. Whether they’re catching the F train to head to work in
midtown or kicking a soccer ball around Prospect Park on the weekends, everyone has
a similar outlook and mindset. You may know all the families on your block and have
block parties in the summertime. You may meet up with your friends at the playground
after preschool for an afternoon outdoors. You may have someone in your building who
can babysit for you on Saturday night so you can eat have Mexican on 5th Avenue
without having to share your chips and guacamole. You may feel like simply hanging on
the stoop while your kids draw with chalk on the sidewalk. You may enjoy having a
stoop sale, but hate dragging everything up and down 3 flights of stairs. You may really
love where you live and also feel like you’re ready for a backyard. There are so many
towns just outside the city that offer a familiar feel to your home in Park Slope, plus so
much more.

Think about the park for a moment. Prospect Park is equally as beautiful as the
Princeton University campus in Princeton, New Jersey. You can safely go for a run
down Nassau Street while weaving in and out through beautiful side streets with cozy
homes and large mansions alike. You can meet your friends for an outdoor dinner at the
Chinese restaurant in town and grab a blend-in at Thomas Sweet’s ice cream shop for
dessert. The laid back, young family vibe you get in Park Slope, along with other
suburbs of NYC, is shared by Princeton.

Do you love pushing your toddler in the stroller down 7th Avenue on a Sunday
morning, grabbing some brunch at La Bagel Delight, and then browsing Community
Bookstore for a couple of hours? Cold Spring along the Hudson River is another town in
which you could find yourself truly content. With its biking trails, antique shops, outdoor
concerts and coffee houses, you may even feel like you never left the heart of the
Slope. You can check out the Cold Spring Farmer’s Market in neighboring town
Garrison, where the goodies are just as delicious and plentiful as at the Saturday
market in Grand Army Plaza. They even sell locally sourced wine from Vineyards in the
Hudson Valley. Wine at the Farmer’s Market? Yes, please! Grab your baguette and
farm fresh eggs, get that bottle of wine, and head home to enjoy a homemade brunch
on your back patio while your kids run around in your large yard. Such a perfect
combination. The best of both worlds.

Park Slope is an incredible place to raise a family. It’s also hard to find a parking
spot, and it’s easy to get priced out when you’re ready for more space. There are so
many suburbs just outside the city that allow you a similar lifestyle and more bang for
your buck. You can find a place where there are running trails. You can live on a quiet
cul-de-sac and still host those block parties in the summer. And you wouldn’t even need
permission from the NYPD to close down your street! There are activities galore for your
kids, delectable restaurants and bakeries, and culture within reach, if you just know
where to look. At the end of the day, you’re raising your family in a place that feels like
Park Slope but offers the tranquility and ease of a suburban backdrop. By trading in just
a little bit if this, you can get so much more of that


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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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The approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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