The Great Suburban Commute: Top 15 Fabulous Train Features

One of the great things about trading your city place for a spot in the suburbs is that your commute gets an upgrade. Read on for our top 15 list of fabulous train features.

1) A few moments to decompress.

Instead of staying inside the rat race, you get to physically venture out. The result is visible: you can see everyone start to relax once the train gets out of Manhattan. There’s something about zooming toward open space that makes you chill out.



2) All those subway no-nos? Totally okay on the railroad!

Take our your laptop and do some work, eat a snack, drink a beer, or even close your eyes. That’s all okay here.

3) Almost everyone gets a seat.

Step on the train and pick from the hundreds of cushy seats.



4) This train doesn’t stop every. Thirty. Seconds.

Relax! You can zen out because you don’t have to re-position yourself constantly like the subway. Here when the doors open, there’s not a swell of people pouring out and cramming in

5) Two words: train schedules.

You know when it’s coming, when you’ll get there, and you even get updates beforehand if it’s going to be late. No surprise out-of-service announcements, no mysterious stops in a dark tunnel.

6) Reliable climate control.

It’s warm (but not hot) in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. When we see an empty rail car, we think, Score! Not Oh no, what horrors lie within?

7) Bathrooms.

We almost never need them, but that one time we did… life saver!

8) Those majestic main stations and all their amenities.

Grand Central & Penn Station are your one-stop shops. Get some errands done before you step on the train. Make a stop at the drugstore, get a baguette to bring home, pick up flowers, and more!



9) Bottoms up!

Beer on the train! Wine on the train! Cocktails on the train! Happy hour awaits.

10) Chargers.

There are a few in each car. Having the option to plug in when you’re low is great.

11) The view.

No black tunnels! Is it dark yet? Is it raining? How’s the traffic? Peep the suburbs from your seat.



12) The vibe.

No screamers, no solicitors, no weird smells, no performers. Just a bunch of hard-working folks staying still and keeping the volume down. Need absolute silence to unwind? There’s even a quiet car for those who can’t handle the dull roar.

13) Together time.

Take the same train as your partner and put the “co” in commute. Share a coffee, drink, or snack and it’s like a daily mini date night. Partner coming home later? Hang with the neighbors! Odds are they will be on the train too.

14) That final stretch.

Get off at your stop and smell that fresh air! Hop into a car, onto a bike, or head home on foot. Didn’t get all your errands done at Grand Central? Pop into a store next to your town station.

15)  The excuse machine.

This is our personal favorite. Tip: Don’t brag too much about how easy your commute is from the suburbs, because you’re going to need that ace in the hole when it’s just toooooo miserable to leave the house. Practice your “It’s super snowy here—I’m gonna work from home.” until it’s believable. Shh! We won’t tell if you don’t.

16) Bonus Reason – New York Yankees!

If you live in Westchester or Fairfield County you can get the Yankee Stadium direct train!  Beats the stadium parking any day!



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