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Sure, cities may have an edge when it comes to a walking lifestyle, but when we think of staying active with athletics, the suburbs can’t be beat!  Grassy open fields, all-weather arenas, venues for all kinds of specialty sports, and studios for everything from yoga to ballet to martial arts. It’s an active kid’s paradise, and adults don’t mind it either!
Here’s our guide to suburban sports at every level.

1. School sports

Chances are your child’s school has an athletic field and gymnasium for after-school sports.
Some of these are free, others cost a small fee to join. This is the easiest option as there is no transportation required between school and practice. Athletic options vary by the school, but we’ve found most local schools take sports very seriously. We were even able to enroll our 2-year old in a soccer program, so there are options available at almost every age.

2. Town leagues

Every town has a parks and recreation department that features children’s athletics. There you’ll find sports of all kinds, indoor and outdoor, for a very reasonable price. Don’t see exactly what you want in your own town?
Check the surrounding areas! Most towns let you pay a non-resident fee to enroll in their sports programming, and the extra fee is usually not very large. This is a great idea for parents with very young kids, as there are often Parent-and-Me classes in sports like t-ball, yoga, or soccer.

3. Private studios

If you move when you do it, there’s probably a studio for it. Sign up for gymnastics, archery, self-defense, gaga, spinning, dancing.  These studios typically run a schedule concurrent to their town’s school calendar and are sometimes divided into semesters.
Many have rolling admission and feature free trial classes! This is where you can have the most fun trying out everything under the sun before committing to the studio you like best.

4. Open Gym

Don’t want too much structure? Head to the town park after school and bring a basketball for a pickup game, or drop in to an open-gym arena.
You’re likely to find a nearby indoor facility that holds open gym hours and provides room for sports, gymnastics, ice skating, or free play.
Need more info? Check out’s suburb categories such as “Amenities & Recreation”, “For the Kids”, and “Arts & Entertainment” for your cheat sheet of athletics and programs. Registering is free and easy!

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