So Who is Looking at Homes In January Anyway? Our Top 4 Guesses?

It didn’t take long to turn the page on 2018 and just like that be back into the regular groove.

The holiday season is out of view, decorations have been stored for next year and new ideas and plans are being laid and prepared to have a successful 2019!

Early read is the Suburban Real Estate Market is off to a solid start.  Hearing from a number of people across the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) that open houses are filling with potential buyers.

Who could these people be?  Here are a couple of our guesses:

A) People who didn’t find the perfect community or home last Spring and who are seasoned home shoppers trying to make an early victory in 2019.  They may also have been outbid or under-prepared last season and are now armed with knowledge and experience.



B) People who are interested in moving within their existing town – since some timing obstacles are removed (ie: changing schools) – these people tend to get a jump start… find a new home.. then list existing to line up the buy / sell transactions.



C) People who are really serious about moving in 2019 and realize they need to get up to speed on their community and home needs, wants and wishes. That’s where we come in by helping Discover | Research | Tour towns and communities.  By honing in and narrowing down specific towns these future suburbanites can now shift to the home search.  Ultimately all this learning – all this “market training & knowledge” means when they see “the one” they will be ready to pounce to beat out any would be competition.



D) Lastly, neighbors.. yeah…  we’ve all been there and done that… just nosy, curious neighbors.  Let’s not judge.  Looking at homes is fun!



We are here to help you win the real estate game on your terms by helping prepare you for all the facets of the suburban real estate community and home search and buying process.

Our services are complimentary and unbiased.  Your success is our success! 

Don’t delay – win the game on your terms!

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To your new beginnings!




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