Our Hyper-Local Real Estate Partners: EXPERTS in Their Communities

Home buying can be overwhelming without any added elements, but when you add in leaving your familiar city surroundings to venture out into completely unknown territory, the overwhelming feeling can get paralyzing. We love being your go-to experts on all the NYC suburbs and we love when you use all of the resources and guides online and take advantage of our #SuburbanSuccessCalls and intros to our locals, BUT we want to make sure you know this too: When it comes time to actually take the plunge from the city to the suburbs, our services don’t stop!

We have hyper-local real estate agent and broker partners across all the key NYC suburbs ready to help you find and close on your dream home.

We are connected throughout Westchester County, Northern New Jersey, Fairfield County Connecticut, and Long Island. And our connections? They’ve been thoroughly vetted. Here are some of the things that set our hyper-local agent partners apart.

They’re locals.

Our agent partners live where they work! They have a finger on the pulse of the exact market you’re buying in – not the market 10 miles away. This is key in the densely-populated suburbs where geographically-close communities (and real estate markets) can vary widely.  Our partners also share our holistic – no pressure –  community centered approach to help you find your perfect town and home.

They’re professional, successful agents in their own right.

When you’re going completely out of your element, it’s important to work with someone who is completely in their element. We strongly recommend using an agent who already has a proven track record – now is not the time to offer yourself up to a novice so they can learn on you! We spent up to 18 months finding and interviewing the top agents in the areas we serve. All of our agents have their own successful, long-standing businesses in the suburbs. They know how to listen to your concerns and wishes, follow up, and negotiate to get the job done on your behalf.  

They’re experienced.

Experienced in general, yes (see above), but also more specifically: experienced with first-time suburban home buyers. If they haven’t been in your exact situation before (and some of them have!), then they’ve worked with people who have and can handle it more skillfully than agents who deal with exclusively-suburban movers. Our agents understand the city lifestyle and what you might expect from your suburban community.  They can give you insider tips on commuting, growing your network in the ‘burbs, and they can connect you with all the right people to help you acclimate to life in your new community.

We have more than one!

Meaning, we have them throughout the NYC suburbs! We pride ourselves on our holistic matching approach that puts an emphasis on community first and then home. This is a huge decision and one of the biggest missteps you can make is being pressured into buying a home in a suburb that isn’t perfect for you just because you started working with an agent there. With From City To, that pressure is completely lifted. Zero in on a suburb and decide it isn’t for you after you’ve already started an initial search? No worries! We keep lines of open communication throughout the entire process so just say the word and we can connect you with one of our other already-vetted partners so you’re not back at square one. With our network of EXPERT hyper-local agent partners at your fingertips, pivoting has never been easier!

Moving from the city to the suburbs can be a pressure cooker of emotions and stress, but having the right people by your side throughout the entire process helps relieve that pressure immensely. At From City To, we’ve got you covered information-wise and also people-wise, with our extensive network of vetted, experienced, successful individuals out there in the communities we serve.

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