Our Approach Step 3: TOUR

Discover | Research | Tour / Move => HOME

You are on your way.


You are likely experiencing some nervous apprehension but the excitement of a new lifestyle, community and home to meet the needs of your evolving life drive you forward with eagerness & joy.


You’ve taken the time to Discover the suburbs of NYC you never knew existed.


You’ve vetted them with Research, by asking questions, speaking with locals, leveraging our #SuburbanSnapshots, our Client Questionnaire, and your complimentary #SuburbanSuccessCall – with follow-up calls, texts and emails to get our unbiased feedback and support.


Now the fun part!   TOURING


Now we help you organize hyper local community and home tours.  There is nothing like a complimentary guided local tour to help you envision your future lifestyle.  Seeing is believing – towns, shops, schools, restaurants, bars, parks, commuting, recreation options, amenities, housing options – it’s all on display.


Post Tour you can start to put all the pieces together in your mind to narrow down your ideal community.  Now you shift your mindset from community explorers to home buyers.  Tours will continue but the emphasis now shifts towards your housing needs, wants and wishes.


All the while with our support and guidance you have been preparing yourself & your finances to present to home sellers as a very strong home buyer.

To win the real estate game on your terms connect with us to Discover | Research | Tour / MOVE to the to the best community for your unique needs & happiness and into a wonderful new home.


To Your New Beginnings!





Every journey begins with a first step.

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