Our Approach Step 2: RESEARCH

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You are methodical.  You are determined.  As you embark on this new chapter in your life you fully appreciate that the stakes are a little higher.  Success is your only option.


You’ve spent time discovering and identifying new communities across the suburbs of New York City that you might one day call home.


You’ve used our Client Questionnaire and your Complimentary Suburban Success Call to hone in on the key lifestyle elements that will lead to your happiness & success.


What’s next?


Now we dig in.  Now we lean in to explore a little more about each nuance.  Community, Vibe, Location, Commute, Schools, For the Kids, Amenities & Recreation, Food & Drink, Shopping, Arts & Entertainment, History, Surprise Features, Housing Options.


Leverage our Suburban Snapshots.  Leverage our network of local moms and dads to hear first-hand dialog.  Get introductions to people in our network to help reinforce your thinking and instincts.


Keep in touch with us – via phone, email or text communication.  We are by your side to help you fill in the details.


Enjoy this time.  Question, listen, learn.


As you narrow down your path the fun part is just around the corner – getting out to TOUR the communities.


To Your New Beginnings!




Every journey begins with a first step.

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