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I was born and raised in Westchester County NY.  My husband was born and raised in New Jersey.  Together we have lived in Manhattan & Westchester.  My husband has worked for many years all over Fairfield County – and we have family & friends living in Long Island.

Why do I mention all of this?

It’s to share that even though we had considered ourselves true tri-state area locals before we made the jump “From City To…” the that fact was that when we moved from Manhattan to the suburbs – even though we had lived and worked and visited all of them.. we hardly knew them.  We really didn’t.

I also found / find that many of our family, friends and neighbors also have a similar experience, so their community knowledge & advice is limited at best – and often relegated to what they know or hear from others which can be more like a game of telephone than reality (for better or worse) – of course with good intentions.

Here’s where we come in.

Discover – Our approach and website is designed to give you some guided time for self-exploration – written word and visuals.  During this time our client questionnaire will help you tease out what lifestyle elements drive your unique needs, your happiness and your necessities.  Our complimentary Suburban Success Call is our first chance to meet and speak by phone to get to know each other, build rapport and lay down a foundation of mutual trust.  We can leverage our Community Organizer to help you DISCOVER towns you may have never known about.

We have built out expert level knowledge and are here to help – offering you unbiased advice and guidance.

Take the first step and register to join our community and I’m sure we’ll connect soon.

To Your New Beginnings!



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