Missteps To Avoid When Moving From City to Suburbs

Don’t learn these the hard way

I typically don’t like negative surprises & I’m assuming you don’t either.  The best way to avoid these surprises is to educate yourself on the moving process so you know the timeline and expectations.

Let’s not mince words – moving is a big deal.  Buying a new home in a new community is a big deal.  We’re talking about one of the biggest ticket items you might purchase in your lifetime.  It’s going to take some time and effort on your part.  Hopefully these missteps to avoid and strategy action steps to take make this journey one with fewer surprises.

  • Seasonality: The real estate market exhibits more seasonality in the suburbs of NYC. If you like lots of choice and more competition the Spring Market is for you.  If you can spend some time hunting around and want to try and avoid bidding wars the Late Summer + Fall Market could be your ticket.


  • Sell To Buy: Do you need to sell to buy? In hot markets it’s very unlikely a home seller will allow for a sale contingency.  DON’T go new home shopping, fall in love with your dream home only to see it slip away because you need to sell before buying.  Start your sale process.  There are nuanced tips along this journey but if you need to sell to buy get it done!

  • Financing:  How much can you afford and do you need financing? Again don’t go out looking at dream homes only to find out “the one” is out of your budget.  If you need financing speak with a reputable mortgage banker or broker to find out how much you can afford – or want to carry.

  • Explore: Finding your new suburban community and home. Research research research – tour tour tour.  Get your hands dirty and surround yourself with a knowledgeable unbiased support team – like us! 😊

  • Build Your Team: Whether peak season or off season you are going to need to move quickly to have your team at the ready.  Mortgage banker/broker with pre-approvals (shows the world you’ve been credit checked and are ready to roll).  Closing attorney – don’t use uncle Bob because he’s a lawyer and has never done a real estate closing but opt for a local real estate attorney who has local experience.  Inspectors – yes… you are going to need to get your potential new home inspected within a very short period of time.  Movers – depending on the season movers can be in very hot demand.. so don’t neglect getting this lined up as early as possible.  It almost goes without saying but you need a great local real estate agent or broker – stick with us and we’ll introduce you to our amazing partners.

  • Be Flexible:  There is no such thing as perfect timing. Be open minded that in many instances you are buying a home and someone is moving out which can create a domino effect.  Be as flexible as you can.  Timing can slip backwards and forward within reasonably acceptable standards.

When you know what’s coming down the road the surprises aren’t surprises but stops along your journey that you’ve been expecting.

To your new beginnings!


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