Locals Spotlight: Sipiwe Moyo Living in Maplewood NJ

Sipiwe Moyo is an actor (catch her on the new season of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix July 26) and mom of a toddler who moved to Maplewood in December 2016. Find out more about Sipiwe on her website and get social with her on Instagram and Twitter @sipiwenyc

Where did you move from?

A bunch of places, but the easiest answer is New York City. We had this crazy year where we moved from New York to Alabama to Iowa before we finally settled here in Maplewood.


What were a couple of your deciding factors for moving to the suburbs?

We wanted to live in a place where we felt comfortable. Proximity to New York City for my work and Paterson, where my husband works, was another important deciding factor.


What made you choose Maplewood over other nearby NJ suburbs?

There’s a progressive ethos in Maplewood that aligns with our sensibilities. There are also trendy restaurants and shops so while being a little town, there’s still some urban influence which we like. The homes were move-in ready in our price range…we didn’t want to have to do a ton of renovations just to be able to live here initially.


What do you like most about your home’s community?

I really love my neighbors. We live on a very neighborly street. 


What do you appreciate most about your suburban home?

Our home is a cozy Maplewood-style colonial…not sprawling and imposing like the homes where I grew up in Alabama. Those homes can be very lovely, but having close quarters as we have here almost makes the family come into contact with each other more, which is mostly a good thing! It also makes interior design and cleaning feel more manageable! We like feeling the history of our home built in 1932.



Maplewood staples: Maplewood Train Station (very comfy while waiting for a quick 40-minute commute), Perch Home (for gifts, etc.), The Woodland (so many cultural events and activities ALL THE TIME!)

Restaurants: The Cassidy, The Maple Leaf Diner, Roman Gourmet

Park / Outdoor activity: Maplewood Memorial Park, Milo S. Borden Park

Workout/Exercise: Workout bike in my bedroom!

Children’s store: Toy Division, WORDS bookstore

Children’s activity: Storytime at Maplewood Branch/Hilton Library with Miss Amalia!

Coffee shop: Palmer’s Sweetery


Any advice for people considering a move from NYC to Maplewood?

Once you accept the taxes are ridiculous, you’ll truly love it and feel at home!

All comments and verbiage by Sipiwe Moyo

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