Locals Spotlight: Kate G. Living in Summit NJ

Where did you move from?

We moved to Summit in 2015 from Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY. My husband and I are both transplants to the Northeast. He is originally from Argentina and I am from Indiana.

What were a couple of your deciding factors for moving to the suburbs?

Babies, we just kept having them! We were living in a wonderful neighborhood and an adorable 2-bedroom apartment with our then two-year-old and 9-month old girls. We learned our third munchkin was on the way and decided it was time to start looking for more space. This led us to begin exploring towns in NJ.

What made you choose Summit over other nearby NJ suburbs?

In my previous professional roles, I had visited Summit on several occasions. It reminded me of Princeton, which is where my husband and I had met. It seemed like the best of both worlds for us —  a walkable community with a lively downtown, lots of community activities and amenities, superb schools, easy(ish) commute to Manhattan and Brooklyn, and lastly, I could see us raising the girls and being happy here.

What do you like most about your home’s community?

It is so family friendly! Great schools, lots of activities, events, and organizations to get involved with. Our block is amazing for a young family as well! Kids and parents gather and play in each other’s yards or in the dead end of our block. I always think of that saying “it takes a village” because I feel we found an amazing village in Summit and I am not sure what we would do without it. It makes me so happy, that even in a fast-changing world, my kids still have the ability to safely go outside and just be kids, get dirty, ride bikes, and have endless imaginary playtime. We know our neighbors, and they know us. This community has allowed us to give them the environment and opportunity to learn independence and so many other important skills.

Our downtown has such an amazing, friendly vibe, too, which is what gave me the idea to launch my business Beyond Main, an online marketplace for all our local businesses in the downtown area. I wanted a space where people could experience the convenience of online shopping while still supporting local businesses to help keep our downtown vibrant and connected.

What do you appreciate most about your suburban home?

My husband and I would likely answer this question differently. He would say very practical and sensible things like that he appreciates that we are not at the mercy of rents any longer and that we finally have space. I would say I appreciate the moments, memories, and friendships we are making here for our girls and family. Honestly, I never thought we would own a home. Living in Summit seemed so out of reach for our family. Our “suburban home” is actually a symbol of a lot of hard work, saving, panning, and straight-up adulting.


Summit staples: Natale’s, The Town Pool, Downtown and all its amenities

Restaurant: We have a little one with Celiac so our favorite local GF friendly spots are La Trattoria, Jenny’s, Duo 360, Batavia, and Marigolds.

Park / Outdoor activity: Summertime at The Town Pool, walking the new Park Line, Briant Park, and Pirate Ship Park (Regatta Playground) by Turtle Back Zoo

Workout/Exercise: YMCA Hot Yoga with Noelle

Children’s store: A to Zoom, Toy Professor, The Red Balloon, and Sweet Nothings

Children’s activity: The Connection, Summit Public Library, Float Night, and Movies and Summit Concert Series on the Green

Coffee shop: Ahhres, Marigolds, and Boxwood

Any advice for people considering a move from NYC to Summit?

If commuting will be a part of your day, do some trial runs. When we first started our home search we were looking from Maplewood to Berkeley Heights. After my husband did his practice commuting runs, he realized the farthest he could tolerate was Summit. Lastly, get involved in the community! Summit is filled with generous, amazing, and interesting people!

All comments and verbiage by Kate G.

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