Locals Spotlight: Adriana Living in Larchmont NY

Where did you move from? 

Our family moved to Larchmont NY from San Francisco, CA, 3 years ago.  It took us a little while to get our bearings in “the burbs” but we had the advantage of knowing our way around NY, having lived here 20 years ago.

What are a couple of the deciding factors for moving to the suburbs?

We were very fortunate to have enjoyed our younger days in New York City and San Francisco, so we were ready to move to a community with good schools and safe streets.  Although we loved the conveniences and culture of living in an urban environment, we found Larchmont to have a vibrant downtown, walkability, access to water and access to the city.  We were living in 1,100 square feet in San Francisco with 4 children and 3 pets, so we felt like royals moving into a quaint, charming, quiet and safe suburban neighborhood in the Murray Avenue section of Larchmont.

Are you a Northern, Southern, Rivertowns, Sound Shore or Central Westchester resident & why?

We live on the Sound Shore because of its proximity to water and access to New York City.

What do you like most about your home’s community?

Absolutely everything!  We were warmly welcomed by Larchmont’s community and we found that everybody was very eager to help us “learn the ropes”.  We instantly found friends through our children’s elementary school and preschool, and before we knew it life was quite busy with all that Larchmont had to offer.  We were so impressed the first time we walked into Murray Ave School (it is a palace compared to our school in SF) but it’s a funny thing because the longer we are here, the MORE I am impressed with it.  The more you learn about it, the more you appreciate what a special place it is.  I am just BLOWN away at the high level of timely and organized communication shared within the community.  Murray Ave also has an extremely dedicated group of staff members, and a culture built on the principles of empowerment, respect, kindness, tolerance, self-advocacy, etc.  I enjoy seeing the teachers working collaboratively with the parents so that each student has all the support they could ever need.  Last but not least, I have never met a more dedicated group of parents who make EVERYTHING possible through their tireless work on the PTA. I could write 10 pages just on how incredible the PTA is, but I invite you to check it out for yourselves: https://murrayavenuepta.org .  We also enjoy the conveniences of living in Larchmont because we are a 6 minutes walk to school, 10 minutes to the village and train station, and we can pretty much get anywhere we need to go by foot.

What do you appreciate most about your suburban home?

As I mentioned before, we love the space and the doors! 😉 But all joking aside, we somehow landed on the best block in all of Larchmont. We love, LOVE our street.  Living on our special street has been a true fairytale come true; Children run free from yard to yard, and parents flow from house to house socializing, we celebrate our friendships with constant impromptu get-togethers on the street – yes – that’s our crew you drive past with the adult party going on in the street or on front yards while 20 kids run wild and race bikes up an down the block.  We bring everybody together for block parties, constantly find opportunities to be together (with kids and without) and we are a family.  We all love and look out for the kids who live here.  We couldn’t ask for a better place to live.

Fill in the Blanks.  My Favorite….

Restaurant = Too many to name!  Apiary, Wasabi, Madison Kitchen, Polpetinna, Vintage 1891, Plates, Coriander, Bradley’s, Trattoria 141.. the list could go on forever!

Park / Outdoor Activity = Memorial Park, Flint Park, Harbor Island

Work Out / Exercise = Equinox

Children’s Store = Toy Box & Miller’s

Children’s Activity =   All rec programs are great.  We also love Hommocks School (ice skating in the winter and swimming pools all year long – indoor/outdoor).

Any advice for people considering a move from NYC or anywhere in the world to Westchester Living?

Take the leap!  It’s the beginning of something amazing.

All comments and verbiage by Adriana F.

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