FromCityTo… Why Join us on our Community Tours

With a few of our curated community tours on the very near horizon, we wanted to hop up onto our soapbox to tell you why joining one of these tours is a great idea. Whether you’re currently on the fence about making the transition from city to the suburbs or you’ve already decided you need out of the city and you’re just trying to hone in on your perfect suburb, a personalized community tour is one of the best ways to help you finalize your decision.

Here’s why you should take advantage of this valuable resource:

  • This is a major decision. We don’t take the responsibility of helping you find your ideal suburb lightly and neither should you! We want you to be as informed as possible before making a decision that could uproot your life so that if you do, you’ll be as happy as possible. For us, it’s not about making the sale. It’s about guiding you through these big decisions so you’re happy where you land.
  • Live like a local. Because your family members, Google, and random strangers on the internet can only get you so far. To really get to know a town, there’s no substitute for being physically in the community. If you come on a tour, you can actually walk the streets, meet some locals, see the downtown, and get a feel for the vibe to decide whether or not you can see yourself living in it. Maybe you’ve been looking at a town online for months only to discover when you get there in person that the train station is way too far from the residential zones for your comfort. Maybe all of the people you see walking around look way too uptight for you! You won’t know for sure until you can see for yourself.
  • Test the commute. If a daily commute is going to be a part of your new life, heading out to the suburbs for a tour is a great way to get a feel for what the commute will actually be like. You can look at train tables all day, but seeing “39 minutes” on a website is nowhere near as informative as actually getting to the origin train station, sitting on that 39-minute ride, and then getting to and through the destination train station.
  • It’s fun and free! You’ll get to see all the highlights of some of the top rated towns in the nation, like a tourist would! Our tour guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and fun (we promise!) and even if you don’t end up closing a sale the day of the tour, you’ll at least have had a good time with us and come away with some insider knowledge that you didn’t have before!

If you’re considering a move to the suburbs, take this as an opportunity to invest some time in this important decision. We promise you won’t regret it – and we’ll have lots of fun along the way!

Click the links to RSVP to our upcoming tours!

Sunday July 28, NJ Midtown Direct  —  This event has passed but for a private tour please get in touch with us.

Saturday August 10th, Northern Westchester

Saturday August 10th, Westchester’s Sound Shore

Fall 2019 – Westchester’s Rivertowns