From City Life: A Dog’s Perspective

I’ll be honest, at first, I wasn’t keen on moving out to the suburbs.

But my parents assured me that it was what was best for the family. “We’ll have a yard and you’ll have plenty of space to run around,” they said. They even promised that I’d meet lots of new friends to play with.

Still, I wasn’t convinced. I loved my city life! I loved my routine. I had my favorite walking route, playground, and I knew everyone in the neighborhood (down to their scent). “Why change a good thing?” I’d pout.

But, per usual, parents know best. From City life has been pretty good to me – the smells, the food, and the freedom of running around in circles in my own yard!

By the first day, I had already explored my whole neighborhood and made sure to make a mark of my favorite spots, like the park by our house or the beach down the road. I can go swimming whenever I want!

I’ve also met lots of new friends on my block, most of them really friendly. And sometimes, my parents even surprise me with rides around the neighborhood, and I get to stick my head out of the window and smell in that fresh air that you just can’t find in the city.

Yeah, life as a city dog was great, but life in the suburbs is greater.

To your new beginnings!

Man’s best friend,


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