Find More of Your Own Space In the Suburbs of NYC!

Shared spaces are a fact of life in the city and there are many benefits to having access to shared public spaces. It’s nice to go out for a walk in the park and see other people or have other kids on playgrounds for your kids to make friends with. It’s fun to dine al fresco on a shared public sidewalk and people watch. There are also benefits to having shared semi-private spaces like elevators, doormen, and being able to give your baby monitor to someone in a neighboring apartment so you can go out to dinner (kidding!)


Along with a few benefits, there are also major drawbacks to sharing nearly every space with an entire city and at some point, almost every city dweller eventually dreams of a space all their own where they don’t have to share an elevator, stairwell, garbage cans, and germs (!!) with the 500 other families in their building. With space at a premium in the city, it makes sense for most of these dreamers to make their way out to the suburbs where they can get all that open-air while still having access to the shared city spaces.

Here are a few of the benefits of finding your own space in the suburbs.

Your space = MORE space!

The space that you’ll gain isn’t just yours, which is the obvious huge benefit, but there’s also so much more of it! Things you won’t have to worry about anymore: where to park a car (You’ll have a driveway and probably even a garage!), where to store your holiday decorations (You’ll have an attic, basement, or both!), accumulating “things” that you enjoy that would just cause clutter in a city apartment (Love biking? Buy a few and store them in your shed! Home chef? Plenty of space in your suburban kitchen for that new kitchen gadget you’ve been eyeing!), and schlepping your laundry to a shared laundry room where you have to pay for each load with coins (Your own laundry facility right in your home!), to name just a few! 

Easier navigation.

When almost every space you inhabit is shared or not fully private, it’s much more difficult to get around. In a building with a shared elevator, you might not even be able to get out the front of your building before waiting for a few elevators runs until you and your family can fit. Or you might not even be able to park anywhere near your building until a spot opens up or not even want to drive your car for fear of losing the good spot you did manage to get! With your own space in the suburbs, your staircase is yours. You don’t have to worry about all the other families in your building clogging it up before you can get down the stairs and out the door. Your car is always accessible to you and can be easily loaded up with anything you need to take out or bring home. 


You’re not going to be far from the city so, in your spacious suburban abode, you’ve got more options than you did before! Whereas before you were limited to your little apartment with tons of shared spaces, now you have tons of space to yourself plus access to your familiar shared city spaces that are just a short commute away. And, more importantly, we’re going to let you in on another secret… The ‘burbs are not lacking in beautiful public spaces all their own! Many people in the NYC suburbs also transfer to the suburbs and the parks and downtowns are fun and dynamic, with a unique vibe that city transplants typically have no problem embracing.

Room for more!

Have you been wishing for a pet but have no idea where you’d even put one? In the city, getting out of your apartment to walk your dog every day is a major event, but having to go down 5 flights of stairs in the middle of the night because your dog is threatening to puke on your floor (dog owners, you know what we’re talking about!), is even more daunting! Will you make it? Or will Fido throw up in the shared elevator, costing you a major fee? And it’s not just pets! In the suburbs, you can also have more kids if you want, guest rooms for visitors, a pool, the options are endless.

Are you tired of sharing your space with 8 million+ other New Yorkers?

Want to see what space is waiting for you beyond the little island you’re on? 

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