Dropping-in: Our Suburban Real Estate Surfing Story

Waves come in sets not unlike the listings of homes in the suburban
real estate housing market.  A new year starts and eager sellers begin
listing homes in mid January and early February – creating some winter
swell – but the water is very cold. These waves/homes attract the
hold-over buyers from the prior year or the buyers who want to get a
jump on the market before the Spring season is in full swing.

A couple of long holiday weekends, Winter break and Spring break
passes – April typically starts the peak of the Suburban Spring
selling season and just like the rolling waves that draw in the eager
surfers – the masses start to list their homes and the buyers start to
appear at open house in droves.  Not unlike the pictures of crowded
surfers all fighting for that perfect wave.

Bidding wars ensue – shocking the novice or under-prepared buyers into
a frenzy or paralysis. Those in paralysis learn the hard way and
become next year’s holdover buyers – smarter and wiser for the many
bidding wars lost and good advice not taken.  Our more prepared buyers
know how to position themselves to catch that perfect wave and buy
that dream home.

We believe that historical home sales data can likely explain 90-95%
of a home’s current value (using comps) but the remaining 5-20% (yes
20% because in hot markets houses do sell over asking quite
frequently) – but that remaining % is the elusive, intangible % that
encompasses a wide range of Buyers’ personal experiences.  We think of
these buyers as the “margin buyers” who in up markets push prices
higher – just like a “marginal seller” might push prices lower.  How
does one become the “marginal buyer”?  Here are a couple of real life
examples: the mundane of “we’ve missed out on 5 bidding wars so this
time we’re all in 10% over asking”, to the “we’re having our 3rd child
and we need out of our 1100 square foot 2 bedroom immediately”, or
sadly in today’s word of CV19 “we just need out of NYC” so we have
more space, a yard, a home office, etc.

So what’s this got to do with surfing and dropping-in?

As more and more surfers hit the water the “line-up” can become very
crowded (see pictures above).  This is when things can really heat up.
You see there is a finite amount of daylight in each day – and who’s
to say how long the great waves will last or if the swell creating
today’s amazing surf will repeat tomorrow or even the next day or in
the coming weeks.  Opportunities can be fleeting but likely not gone
forever if you have patience and time.  Ever surfer wants their chance
at a great wave.  Those waves are our metaphorical suburban houses
that come on the market – and if you’re a suburban home buyer you’re
one of the surfers pictured above.  Ready willing and able to
“drop-in” but fighting the crowds for position, strategizing your
timing, and sometimes at the mercy of the ocean or the maneuvers of
your fellow surfers –  but always ready for that epic ride – to start
that next journey.

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leverage our amazing network of local partners to better understand
each community and the home options available.  Because when you
prepare and find your perfect wave – you’ll be ready to enjoy the

Can’t wait to see you on the water!



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The FromCityTo.com approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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The FromCityTo.com approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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