Commuter Snapshots: Summit NJ

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Union County –  Morris & Essex Train Line –

Where do you work?

Times Square, NY or Hoboken, NJ

What time do you like to be at work?

Never! But living in Summit allows for great flexibility because there are so many trains.

What is your “door to door” commute time – the time you leave your house in the morning to the time you get to work? 

60-75 minutes. It depends on if I walk from Penn Station to my office or use the subway. If I’m working in Hoboken my commute can be 45-55 minutes.      

How do you commute?  Car – Bus – Train – Ferry?


What other commuting options do people in your town use and what made you choose the train over the others? 

There is a direct bus to  Port Authority. Some people drive but I would only recommend that if you commute outside of rush hour.

How far is the train station from your house and how do you get there?

1.2 miles. Generally, I use the town Lyft program which is just $2 for a private car each way. On nice days I walk home.

How available is parking and how much does it cost?

It’s available and the price is $4 a day, but I don’t understand why people choose this over the Lyft program which drops you off right at the door of the train station.

How long is your train ride?

The express train is about 42 minutes to the New York Penn Station. About 35 to Hoboken.

How would you rate the overall experience?

Overall it’s good when considering this is one of the most densely populated areas of the country and the number of people using the system.

What do you do while you’re on the train?

Listen to podcasts or read a book that my wife has picked out from the library for me 😉

About how often does the train get canceled or delayed?

 Small delays once a week (15-20 minutes). Large monthly delays (canceled train or longer delay due to weather/train issues or sadly passenger injuries)

In the event that the train gets canceled, what backup commuting option do you use?

Work from home. The bus is available if I absolutely need to get into the city or I could drive, but if you have the flexibility to work from home, take it! Everyone understands that commuting can be an issue around here so as long as you aren’t abusing this it is accepted.

Any insider train commuting tips?

Not really. If you don’t want someone to sit next to you don’t make eye contact with them. Always sit next to someone small if you know the train is going to be full. Don’t go for the empty row because someone uncomfortable could end up next to you.

If you could change one thing about your commute what would it be?

I would like to be able to walk to the train every day. But the Lyft is a nice alternative.

What’s your favorite thing about your commute?

Looking out the window and seeing the towns on the train line, taking in views of New York City, and when my family drives to meet me at a neighboring town’s train station to have dinner.

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