Commuter Snapshots: Millburn & Short Hills NJ


Where do you live?



Where do you work?

Midtown Manhattan


What time do you like to be at work?



What is your “door to door” commute time – the time you leave your house in the morning to the time you get to work?

1 hour, 5 minutes door to door


How do you commute?



What other commuting options do people in your town use and what made you choose the train over the others?

Others drive to work. This would take me far longer and cost way too much between gas, tolls and parking.


How far is the train station from your house and how do you get there?

The train station is a 6 minute walk from my house


How available is parking and how much does it cost?  n/a  Link to Town of Millburn Website for Parking info


How long is your train ride?

40 minutes


How would you rate the overall experience? 

Hard to say. It can be lovely one day and excruciating the next.


What do you do while you’re on the train?

Read, watch Netflix, answer work emails when I can get Internet connection, talk to a friend.


About how often does the train get cancelled or delayed?

Cancellation is rare for the commuter trains. The off-peak trains see more cancels. Big delays are not that frequent anymore.


In the event that the train gets cancelled, what backup commuting option do you use?

I work from home.  Sometimes I get a ride  to Jersey City and take the Path from there.


Any insider train commuting tips?

Get a paper ticket because the app can be hit or miss. Always have headphones to drown out other passengers. Go to the bathroom before you get on the train. Know where the cars are less crowded. For me it’s the back on the way in and the front on the way home. You have a better chance of getting a seat.


If you could change one thing about your commute, what would it be?

Penn Station is not ideal. It is difficult to get off the platform in the morning, it can be so so crowded. And in the afternoon coming home, the track is announced at the last possible minute and it’s a mad scramble with way too many people which can be scary. The escalators are rarely working or are going in the wrong direction.  I’m looking forward to the “new” Penn Station being completed over the next several years.  Link to explore the new plans


What’s your favorite thing about your morning commute?

I do enjoy the quiet time to myself. I can’t talk on the phone. I can read or just listen to music in peace. (as long as I get a seat). I don’t have to worry about traffic or a car accident.

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