Commuter Snapshots: Maplewood NJ

We are thrilled to launch a new series call:  NYC Commuter Snapshots!

In this and subsequent posts, we get to hear from real-life commuters who will share their commuting ups and downs.  If you have any questions be sure to reach out to us – join our community and schedule your suburban success call.  Don’t forget all our calls, guidance, intros and tours are FREE for our future suburbanite neighbors!  Talk soon!


Where do you live?

Maplewood, NJ


Where do you work?

Soho, NYC


What time do you like to be at work?

As close to 9am as possible


What is your “door to door” commute time – the time you leave your house in the morning to the time you get to work?

Almost exactly 90 mins. I leave at 7:40, get a jitney bus on corner at 7:47, take the 8am to Penn Station which gets in around 9:45, get a coffee then take the RW to Prince. I’m pretty much always 10 mins late, but wouldn’t be if I didn’t stop for coffee.


How do you commute?  Car – Bus – Train – Ferry?

Jitney to NJ transit train to Subway


If Train – 

What other commuting options do people in your town use and what made you choose the train over the others?

I don’t know of any people in my town who commute to NYC by bus or car, though I’m sure they exist!

Train is definitely easiest for me and to be honest I prefer trains to bus or car anyway because I get motion sick but not really on trains.


How far is the train station from your house and how do you get there?

1 mile and I take a jitney bus that I pay $125 a year for.


How available is parking and how much does it cost? 

Not sure I’ve never tried.


How long is your train ride?

Supposed to be like 38 mins but takes more like 45-50


How would you rate the overall experience?

Very good. Usually pretty reliable and comfortable.


What do you do while you’re on the train?

Listen to podcast while I do my makeup on my phone camera, then switch to looking at Instagram and eBay and other BS while finish the podcast.


About how often does the train get cancelled or delayed?

It happens. Maybe like 5% of the time..?


In the event that the train gets cancelled, what backup commuting option do you use?

If no trains are running at all and I can swing working from home that is the next option. If I MUST get in I would take an Uber to a PATH train.


Any insider train commuting tips?

Tips on how to be a better commuter to your fellow commuters. Some things I think should be against the law on NJ transit:

– Taking a work call. A quick “hey i’m running late” is no biggie, but those trains are quiet and I have heard tons of 20 minute 1-sided work conversations that could’ve waited and not disturbed everyone around you.

– Snoring. If you know you snore, don’t fall asleep next to me and subject me to that the whole ride.

– Eating smelly food. Duh.

Oh also! buy 10-trip paper tickets rather than monthly passes or digital tickets. Here’s why! They really don’t always collect tickets. I kept track for a month and for 20% of my rides no one asked for a ticket. If you buy a monthly you don’t benefit from the times the train is too crowded to collect tickets and miss out on that getting-away-with-murder thrill of a free ride. Digital tix you have to activate before you know if they will collect or get in BIG trouble with the conductor. 10 trip paper is the way to go!


If you could change one thing about your commute, what would it be?

I really don’t mind it. Would be nice to be able to skip the jitney or subway on either end so fewer factors that could potentially screw me up.


What’s your favorite thing about your morning commute?

That my kids aren’t there so I can take some me time before I get to work and zone out.


Link to NJ Transit website:


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