Commuter Snapshots: Larchmont NY

We are thrilled to launch a new series call:  NYC Commuter Snapshots!

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New Haven Line – MetroNorth

Where do you work?

Midtown East near Grand Central

What time do you like to be at work?


What is your “door to door” commute time – the time you leave your house in the morning to the time you get to work? 

About an hour.  Alarm clock goes off at 6:15am – get dressed and leave house by 6:50am for the approximate 12 minute walk to the Larchmont Train Station.  I target the 7:08am train and if I miss it I use the 7:19am as backup.  Train ride is anywhere from 30-40 minutes depending on if it’s express or local.  From Grand Central I use the back exit on 47th and Madison walk 2 blocks, 5 minutes, and I’m at my office.

How do you commute?  Car – Bus – Train – Ferry?


What other commuting options do people in your town use and what made you choose the train over the others? 

Many people do drive into NYC.  If you leaving between 6-7am it’s not that bad.  You need a parking spot in NYC + commute home can be trickier.

How far is the train station from your house and how do you get there?

12-15 minutes. I prefer to walk but in rain or bad weather I usually use the local cab service for a $6/ride or beg my wife to drive me.  A lot of people also ride bicycles.

How available is parking and how much does it cost?

Parking permits are tough to get but there are a lot with daily meters.

How long is your train ride?

30-40 minutes

How would you rate the overall experience?

9 out of 10.  Nobody loves commuting but this distance makes it very doable.

What do you do while you’re on the train?

Nap, read, text, chat with friends/neighbors on train, did I mention nap!

About how often does the train get canceled or delayed?

Delays of 2-5 minutes not even noticeable but a couple times a month – larger delays usually related to weather or some other incident or accident.

In the event that the train gets canceled, what backup commuting option do you use?

Work from home.  Drive.

Any insider train commuting tips?

The mobile app is great for checking train times and tickets.  From a seating standpoint do you sit in the front to head south or back to head north – do you want to guarantee a seat so you sit near the middle of the train.  Also – talk to people on the platform – they’re your neighbors after-all.

If you could change one thing about your commute what would it be?

More seating.

What’s your favorite thing about your commute?

Not the subway!

New Haven Line 

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