City Parking to Suburban Garage to Unlocked Convenience & Adventure

Adventure Starts in the Suburban Garage! 

Between the street parking dance and the overpriced garages (with waiting lists) many city dwellers reach their limit and look beyond the city for alternatives.  For one family, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

The suburban garage can mean so much more than just a place to park your cars. Here are my top reasons to love the suburban garage.

The Garage is like a giant basket of adventure for you and your family.

1) Bike Rides anyone?  What could be easier than on a beautiful day?  Grab your bicycles and set out on a new adventure.

2) Sledding – It’s snowing! Awesome! Head to the garage to collect the sleds and meet up with friends and neighbors at the local sledding hot spot.

3) Gardening  – Spring is around the corner? Perfect! Let’s grab our gardening gear – and as a family we can each show off our green thumbs – together!

4) Kayaking – Who wants to hit the open seas?  Head to the garage and grab the kayaks. It’s time to find the nearest friendly body of water and let the exploration begin!

5) Sports Equipment – Every game, every season, every age & every size! Organize it all in the garage. You are game ready now!

6) Dream Car – Protect your dream car from the elements, family and neighbors!

7) Avoid City Snowmageddon – Yup, you can still avoid the next and all future city Snowpocalypse storms.  Why?  Because you can park your car in the garage!

I hope you agree with me that the suburban garage means so much more than car parking…It’s your family adventure waiting to be unwrapped. Carpe Diem!

To Your New Beginnings!



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