Busting 5 Myths About Life in the Suburbs of NYC!

In some city circles, “moving to the suburbs” carries a bit of a stigma, like somehow by giving up your 700 square foot apartment to move into a cozy home with a beautiful eat-in kitchen, fireplace, room for everyone, and clean air outside, you have failed in the real estate game!

Well not anymore! We’re here to bust five common myths about the suburbs, starting with….

Myth #1: The suburbs are a bore.

Probably one of the most common myths about the suburbs is that they’re boring, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the suburbs are chock-full of city transplants just like yourself who are eager to reach out, make friends and put that time in to form a cohesive, engaging community. Many suburban towns have great restaurants and activities for people of all ages, chambers of commerce to support bustling downtowns, active town recreation departments that put on events all year round, and newcomers’ clubs to welcome transplants.

Myth #2: The suburbs are country, cows and all.

If you’ve never made the train ride, it might surprise you to know that 20-60 minutes outside NYC in most directions is not the bucolic getaway you imagine it to be. While there are some farms and “wide open spaces” within driving distance of most suburbs making for fun day trips, the suburbs themselves are exactly that – SUB-urban: one step down from urban. They’re pretty densely populated, mostly centralized around train stations and downtowns, but with green and open spaces peppered throughout. It really is the best of both worlds, but if you want a cow in your backyard you’re going to have to go a little farther out!

Myth #3: Culture-less.

It’s important to note here again that many of the people who live in the suburbs are city transplants. They’ve brought with them the same interests they had when they were city-dwellers and the result is an eclectic mix of people and opportunities, events, entertainment, and (yes) culture. We would argue that culture is so developed in the suburbs that one suburb might have a completely different culture than one just 5 miles away. There are museums, political movements, theaters, arts communities, foundations, and more, all nestled within the suburbs.

Myth #4: Trading in your bike and MetroCard for multiple cars.

A move out to the suburbs doesn’t have to come with the purchase of a separate car for each adult in the household (though you would likely have the space for them if you wanted them!)  Many suburban towns have a central train station and walkable downtown where you can get all of your necessities and many families walk to school, work, the train, and entertainment. If you’re wondering about specific towns in NJ, we invite you to check out our list of 5 car-optional New Jersey suburbs!

Myth #5: That suburban COMMUTE.

The commute is a real concern for anyone planning on keeping their city job. This is something you’re going to be doing every single day and it can be a real energy drain – we get it. But the truth is that some suburban towns offer a 30 minute train ride into the city during rush hour, which can actually be less time than it takes to go from uptown to downtown Manhattan, depending on the traffic and public transportation. Unless you currently live directly above your city office (in which case, maybe you should just stay in the city), the suburban commute will likely add negligible time to your day, and a bonus? Many commuters report enjoying that quiet time on the train or ferry to unwind before and after work. Scroll the blog and check out a few of our suburban commuter snapshots for some first-hand accounts.

What are some other negative preconceptions you have about your future life in the suburbs?

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