A Summer Day in the Life of a Kid in the Suburbs of NYC

A city lifestyle has a lot to offer kids – museums, playgrounds, well-maintained public spaces, and even the ability to get around independently via public transportation! But the truth is, a lot of people do leave the city for their kids. The suburbs offer much more space, safe, close-knit communities, and great public schools while still having a lot of the same public amenities as the city!

Here’s a typical summer day in the life of a kid in the suburbs.

After breakfast at home, you’ve got a few options: go to a playground, take a walk in a park, drive to a nearby hiking trail, meet up with friends, or just hang out in the backyard (yes, you read that right — a backyard of your own!)

On this day, your mom decides she wants to go downtown to buy a birthday gift for your school friend’s party this weekend.

You safely stroll through the streets of your downtown, well ahead of your mom, with people stopping to say hi, walking into the local shops and the public library where people greet you by name.

Then stop for lunch to dine al fresco at one of your favorite local restaurants.

After lunch, you head home to get ready for the main event of the day: the pool! Your public pool is HUGE, with tons of tables and chairs, a baby pool, multiple slides, a diving board, and safely monitored by lifeguards.

You take a quick swim lesson (this is where you learned to swim last summer!) and meet up with a bunch of your friends from school to go down the slide as many times as possible while your parents sit and chat in the shade.

If you’re lucky, one of the parents might cave and you get to have an ice pop from the snack bar before you leave!

It’s been a busy day so back at home, your mom lets you unwind with some TV while she gets your dinner ready. If you didn’t get an ice pop at the pool (or sometimes even if you did), you head out into the backyard to have an ice pop for dessert, play a game of fetch with your dog, run in the sprinkler to get any ice pop drippings off (backyard sprinklers count as a shower in the summer, right?) and soak in the last rays of the day.

You’ve got an early bedtime because tomorrow begins another busy and very full day in the suburbs! Your parents might even take you on a short train ride to visit the city!

Can you picture your kids living this suburban life? Need some more help imagining it?

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