A Move to the Suburbs Might Just Be the Spice That Your Relationship Needs

There comes a time in every relationship when suddenly everything just jives.  A time when you settle into one another and your lives become one fluid and seamless dance. You finish each other’s sentences, you frequent your beloved spots, you enjoy stress-free double dates with your favorite couple knowing that your babysitters are tried and true. You and your spouse move through your weeks effortlessly, bobbing and weaving through one another’s busy schedules that make up your happy life together.

And then you move to the suburbs.

There’s nothing like uprooting your family’s foundation (to the suburbs, no less) to test a marriage’s resiliency, creativity, and patience. But if you’re up for the challenge, you just might find yourselves even closer (and happier!) than before.

Here’s our tips for your marriage’s move to the suburbs:

  1. Get to know your commute. If your new commute involves the commuter train, get to know your train schedule like it’s your social security number. If you and your spouse are used to having dinner together every night, or more, you’re in charge of bringing dinner home, be sure to plan your commute around your dinner and not your dinner around your commute.  
  2. Start seeing other people. This goes for friends, other couples, and babysitters. Put yourself on the neighborhood networking circuit and cast yourself a wide net of support. You don’t know how either of you will take to the transition, so pad yourselves with lots of options to vent. And, if the transition goes smoother than expected, make sure you have a roster of babysitters to take advantage of it! 
  3. Make a pass. (At your spouse, I mean). A move to the suburbs is the perfect opportunity to act like you just started dating all over again. Bring it back to when and how it all began. Play hooky, ask your spouse on a date, explore your new town or try every restaurant until you find ‘the one.’ If you play your cards right, you might just find your ‘happier ever after!’ 
  4. Make it a family affair. Surely, in any family, you’re only as happy as your most unhappy family member, so make this move to the suburbs a family affair. Now that you’re on the circuit (see number two), you are in-the-know of all of your town’s family-friendly events. Attend them! Further, when you’re there, be your kid’s wingman and wing-woman, and help them to also cast a wide net of new friends and experiences. The family that not only experiences change together, but embraces change together, is the family that doesn’t lose their minds along the way. 

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