5 Reasons Everyone Loves Summit NJ

As one of the towns right on the Midtown Direct NJ Transit line, Summit is one of the top choices for NYC transplants. What is it about Summit that has people flocking to it? Check out our list for a few ideas!

A commuter’s dream. With a train station conveniently located in the heart of downtown Summit and direct trains to New York Penn Station, Summit is hard to beat when it comes to commuter towns. The morning rush hour trains to New York Penn Station are all under 50 minutes, and there are equally as many quick options for trains home, with Summit right on the Midtown Direct NJ Transit line. Summit’s downtown is very accommodating to its many commuters, with residential neighborhoods within walking distance and ample parking lots and bike parking for those outside of a reasonable walking distance. Recently, the town of Summit has actually partnered with Lyft to subsidize rides from residents’ homes directly to the train station during rush hour times. For a personal driver directly to the train station, it’s just $2 per way! 

Friendly community. The overall vibe in Summit is very welcoming. Perhaps because it’s home to so many transplants from not just NYC but from all over the country, it’s easy to find your community in Summit. People are eager to branch out, make new friends, join activities, and participate in Summit’s many community events.

A lively downtown. The #1 complaint about Summit is a testament to its vibrant downtown scene. The complaint: Parking. Summit’s downtown, several blocks wide, is full of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, salons, workout studios, the library, a playground, the train station, co-working spaces, and green spaces. On weekends and weekday nights, the restaurants are packed. On mornings, the coffee shops are social scenes. On Sundays, the Farmers Market is bustling. On sunny days, the wide sidewalks are full of al fresco dining tables, strollers, and dog walkers. And on any day, it can be difficult to find the perfect parking spot. For local businesses, this is a great problem to have. For Summit residents, it means their downtown is relevant and thriving – also a great problem to have!

A mix of old and new. In terms of real estate, Summit really has it all. From the old world charm in the Hobart Ave area to the brand new modern townhomes right on the train line, you’re guaranteed to find something in your style of choice in Summit.

Schools. Summit’s public schools are consistently rated among the best in the state. Just recently, Summit solidified its status as one of the more progressive school districts in the area by approving universal full day Kindergarten. Not only does Summit have top-rated public schools, but it’s also home to a few of the NJ’s top private schools. Kent Place, Oratory Prep, and Oak Knoll all call Summit home, and students travel from all over the state to attend these well-known institutions.

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