5 Reasons Everyone Loves Millburn & Short Hills NJ

Located in Essex County New Jersey, Millburn/Short Hills is one of the better-known and most established NJ suburbs. Short Hills is an unincorporated community within the larger town of Millburn where they share a school district. Millburn proper is made up of a few walkable residential neighborhoods with a fairly broad range of real estate while Short Hills is a more sprawling section with, generally, larger houses on bigger lots.


Here are a few of the things people love about Millburn/Short Hills.

  1. Commuter Central – With one train station each, Millburn and Short Hills are two of the best commuting towns in NJ. Both train stations offer direct trains to New York Penn Station, some as fast as 39 minutes but generally around 45. It might sound absurd that they each have their own station (the train stations are just over a mile away from each other) but it works out to residents’ advantage. Multiple stations means many more train and parking opportunities. Each station has its own commuter lot and many residential neighborhoods, especially in Millburn, are within walking distance to the station. It’s situated right alongside Routes 78, 24, the Garden State Parkway, and the New Jersey Turnpike for easy driving access in all directions.
  2. Highly Rated Schools – The public schools are consistently ranked within the top 10 in the state!
  3. Vibrant Downtowns – That’s “downtowns” with an “s”! There are multiple downtowns in Millburn/Short Hills. Millburn’s main downtown takes up a few blocks right next to the train station and includes Taylor Park, the library, a playground, several great restaurants (Common Lot was recently named among the top 30 in NJ!), the Millburn Deli (which is such a New Jersey establishment that, yes, it does deserve an individual mention), some of the best coffee shops and bakeries in the area (if you’re ever in the area, don’t miss out on Liv Breads), the Paper Mill Playhouse, clothing and gift boutiques, a movie theater, hiking trails within walking distance (!), and the middle school and high school on the very near outskirts. And Short Hills features two separate little downtowns of its own! One very quaint strip right across from the Short Hills train station hosts all the basics – dry cleaner, pizza place, Indian takeout, and part of the actual train station was converted into a great bar/restaurant, complete with the actual benches from the original station! It’s a really fun spot to stop for a drink when you get off the train or meet your family (bring the kids – they love watching the trains!) when you get back from the city! The other downtown section of Short Hills is a few blocks over and has some of the best workout studios in the area and a few great restaurants and cafes (Squirrel and the Bee is well-known for their gluten-free fare!).
  4. The Mall at Short Hills – One of the best malls in the state, The Mall at Short Hills boasts a broad range of shops, from Fendi and Chanel to Forever21 and Gap. This mall is bustling nearly every day of the week but there’s another reason people in Millburn and Short Hills love it so much — taxes! The Mall at Short Hills actually offsets some of the property taxes on residential zones so, while situated in Essex County, Millburn and Short Hills actually have lower taxes than many other towns in the county.
  5. Beautiful Neighborhoods & Homes – The beauty of these towns really can’t be overstated. These areas are old and well-established, with beautiful tree-lined streets and natural features. The Hobart Ave section of Short Hills has some of the grandest homes in the area, situated in a woodsy section of rolling hills with tons of privacy. Millburn proper has a lot of charming Tudor style homes, some condos, as well as some more modern but still charming options.

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