5 Pro-Tips To Finding Your Tribe

Moving, in general, is stressful. Add making new friends into the mix and it can be downright daunting. Who has time (or the desire) for adult play-dates, awkward conversations, and, if it doesn’t work out, wondering if it was something you said? However, finding the right friends in your new neighborhood can make your big transition, a much smoother (and happier) one.

So, since you have so many other things to do as you plan your move (did you update your mailing addresses yet?), we decided to save you some time and share with you our pro-tips on finding your tribe:

Work it out. Enjoy fitness? Group exercise classes are a great way to meet people in your neighborhood that share your similar interests. Making friends during a workout also holds you accountable for your workout goals. Suddenly, it’s not just your own willpower getting you to those early morning workouts, but showing up for your new friend (and your post-class cappuccinos) that does.

Get involved. Get on social media, like your town’s local Facebook page, or follow their Instagram handle. Visit the town website and explore what groups you can join. Many towns have a “Newcomers Group” or volunteer opportunities with countless ways for you to make new friends, while giving back to the town you now call home.

Make a date. We’ve all had to sit through those terrible first dates, but it’s worth dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong, to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Finding your tribe is no different. Say ‘yes’ to those double-date and party invites or put yourself out there and invite a couple over for a bite. You never know, if it doesn’t work out with them, they just might have a friend.

Get festive. Most towns do something for the holidays – Ragamuffin Parades, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Bonfires, or Fireworks at the Fourth of July. Grab your town calendar, circle the dates, and go! These are great opportunities to meet a lot of people, in a short period of time, and an easy way to dodge all of those bad first dates (above).

Routine. Routine. Routine. We all have a schedule. If you have the flexibility to grab a coffee from your local coffee shop every morning, the other regular patrons do too. Perhaps your kids have the same school drop off time, or maybe you both work from home. Generally, if someone is on your schedule, there is something you might have in common. So, the next time you’re taking your coffee to go, maybe stay awhile and say hello.

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