4 Ways to Get Insider Knowledge About Your Future Suburban Community

Making the decision to move from the city to the suburbs is huge on its own but if you’ve made it over that hump, you suddenly find yourself tasked with figuring out which suburb is best for your family. With so many great options to choose from, how do you quiet the noise and find your place?

Here are four ways to get the insider knowledge you’ll need to feel secure in your decision.

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That’s why we’re here. Our services are free but that doesn’t make them less valuable! We have put together local guides for all the best New York and New Jersey suburbs (check them out here!) and these guides weren’t just thrown together from a few Google searches — they were put together using our intimate knowledge of the communities we feature. That weight of choice you’ve been feeling since making your decision to leave the city? You’re not the first one to feel it and we’re here to help lift it! We’ve helped plenty of people in similar situations find their perfect suburban match and not only do we love doing it, but our success as a company is completely dependent upon our client’s happiness in their chosen suburb. We’re fully invested in your future happiness! We’re also nice and fun to talk to, if all other reasoning fails.  Schedule here: https://calendly.com/fromcityto

Get social!

This is something you can do with very little effort, without even leaving your apartment. Get on Facebook and peruse some private groups. We know Facebook is considered kind of “old school” now but those groups are poppin’, nearly every town has several, and it gives you a chance to talk to the locals in a very low-pressure atmosphere. Join a parents’ group and ask about things to do with kids in the area; join an outdoor group and see how many hiking trails are nearby; join a group that’s not interest-specific and ask about parking, commuting, school districts, and whatever else you’re wondering! Read some old threads and see if you can get a good read on the vibe of people who live there, look through some profiles to decide if you’d like any of these people to be your neighbors, all without any pressure.

Enjoy a (free!) curated community tour.

In addition to all the online resources and one-on-one guidance we offer, we also host curated community tours! If your suburb of choice is not within a community that we’ve personally lived in or around, we have community ambassadors ready to step in and show you around town! Joining one of our tours gives you a great opportunity to test your commute, see the towns and houses in person, get familiar with a local, and ask questions in person that might not occur to you as you’re sitting in your high rise looking at pictures online. These tours are personalized based on your interests and are a great way to take the next step into your future home. 

Learn more and schedule here: https://fromcitytosuburbscommunitytours.splashthat.com/

Live like a local.

Think you’ve finalized your suburb? Go live in it for a weekend (or longer!)! Hellooooo Airbnb! Technology has made “test driving” a town so much easier. Book your stay during the week to see what your true door-to-door commute will be. Do it on the weekend and decide if your family fits in with the ones walking around downtown. Try the restaurants, go to an event, and read the flyers on the business windows – there’s no substitute for a stay in a real person’s house to get a feel for where you’ll be living.

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