4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Suburban School District


One of the major reasons many people move from the city to the suburbs is to have better access to good school districts. But with so many to choose from, how do you decide which is the best fit for your family? Here are 4 factors to consider when choosing your new suburban school district.


Public vs private

Most public schools in the NYC suburbs are top notch but depending on your needs you may find that private school is the better option for your family. Private schools in the suburbs are also highly rated with options in all categories – religious, STEM, progressive, even nature-based! If you see yourself going the public school route, then your home-buying decision will largely be based on the quality of the public schools in your district. If you choose private, your new home’s school district is of less concern but you still want to make sure there are a few private schools in the area that you would consider!



The availability of busing to and from school is a major lifestyle factor in the suburbs. Many of the densely-populated suburbs do not offer public busing for students because the residential zones are within a proximity to the schools that the state deems “walkable.” In households with two working parents, this can be a game changer because parents need to make transportation arrangements for children both in the morning and in the afternoon while also accommodating a commute. If you decide to choose a town without busing, you can expect to meet your neighbors and make new friends while making carpool arrangements and after-school play dates.


Academics and specialties

Schools are rated academically on a variety of factors and you have to use your own judgment and take everything in context when you’re evaluating academic ratings. Some things to consider: test scores, student to teacher ratios, class sizes, graduation rates, and percentage of teachers with advanced degrees. Another thing that you might want to consider is the array of specialties offered at your school. Have a budding artist? Check in with the fine arts program at your future school. Got an actor on your hands? Make sure the theater program is vibrant!



Sports aren’t just for recreation! Many suburban towns are known for a particular athletic specialty and some are known for the exact opposite – for not being particularly sporty at all! If you come from an athletic background or your children are already into a particular sport, you might try to find a school with a strong program. Not only will it help your family get involved in the community, but with the quality of some of the athletics programs in the suburbs, it could lead to scholarships down the road.

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The FromCityTo.com approach is incredibly valuable for first-time home buyers considering a move to the suburbs.

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